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julho 22, 2013
Olá, cherries! 

Bom, desde a trágica e irreparável notícia sobre o Cory tudo o que tenho feito é ouvir canções na versão Glee, Against the Wind e Looking Back. E daí que me deu uma enorme vontade de rever as minhas cenas favoritas de Finchel, como sempre. Essa vontade sempre acaba voltando, na realidade... E decidi partilhá-las com vocês pra que possam também "revê-las" (apesar de ser um soco no coração, I know). Mas sei que, embora muita gente não consiga mais encarar a série como antes, Finchel vai ficar para sempre no coração e nas mentes de todos ♥ 

Rachel: We were good.
Finn: Good? We were amazing!
Rachel: The kiss was... Interesting.
Finn: Yeah, I'm calling the kiss of the century. 
Jesse: You're wrong, Finn. The kiss wasn't professional, was too personal and intense. The judges don't like it, they'll consider common and vulgar and cost you Nationals. Hi, Rachel. You look amazing and you sang great, you shouldn't have kissed him.
Rachel: Why are you here, Jesse?
Jesse: For you. 
Finn: Dude, back off. You are just jealousy. Jealousy for what we have and for what we share with entire audience, because was shared between two people who love each other. Was the Supermen of the kisses. It came with your own cape, right, Rachel?
(2X22 – New York)

Rachel: Where have you been?
Finn: Hiding out. Everybody hates me. 
Rachel: They don't. It isn't explain why you don't talk with me since we were back. 
Finn: Because you may be more pissy off than everyone else. I screwed up! I'm humiliated. Everyone worked so hard for everything, and I supposed to be this big shoot lider holding everyone together and I blow it. Cost us championship. 
Rachel: Look, being a artist it about express your real feelings in that moment no matter all the consequences. What you feeling in that moment?
Finn: That I loved you. And that I would done or give anything to kiss you one more time. 
Rachel: So you did. You gave all for one kiss. Was worth it? 
Finn: Yeah, and what about you? Was it worth for you?
Rachel: Yeah. Cause I know in my heart that we are another shoot in Nacionals. You have to know... I'm leaving, Finn. I'll go to New York and I will never coming back. 
Finn: Graduation is a year away. Have you any plan till there?
(2X22 – New York)

(P.S.: tinha me esquecido desta cena ontem!)

Finn: He didn't liked me.
Rachel: What? Who?
Finn: The recruiter. He watched the game and I waited like a idiot for twenty minutes while he talked with Shane. I even take a shower or changed my uniform for fear that I missed him.
Rachel: Wait, I don't understand what that's mean.
Finn: Means that I'm a sucks! It's means that I gonna stuck on here forever! Cooter won't recruit me! He said that I reaching in my ceiling!
Rachel: There are other colleges.
Finn: How there are others schools besides NYADA? I not good enough! I'm not good enough for being a quarterback to get a scholarship, I'm not sing good enough to get in NYADA. It's over for me!
Rachel: Stop it! Finn, look at me. Your dreams are not dead, ok? You just have to grow up without them, you have to find others new now.
Finn: I don't know how.
Rachel: We figure it out together. You are special. You know how I know that? Because I'll give you something that no one else will get.
Finn: You don't need do this, ok? The play is over, there is no point.
Rachel: No, the point is that I was wrong and stupid and imature, probably for not the last time, I lost in my ambition and...
Finn: And now?
Rachel: Now I'm just a girl with the boy she loves wishing remembering this moment for the rest of her life.
(3X5 – The First Time)

Finn: We are here.
Rachel: Are you are you joking? Cause it's not funny. We are gonna be late.
Finn: You will board the train of four twenty-five to New York. Your dads gonna meet you there and will help you with the dorm at the new school. You gonna spend four years of your life there and never set foot the place, so...
Rachel: But I have all the year to go and look at it.
Finn: You gonna go in the fall, you won't delay. We're not get married.
Rachel: You don't wanna marry me?
Finn:I wanna marry you so badly that I can't go through with this. But the thought of you stuck here another year because of me makes me sick.
Rachel: So came with me. Ok? We can get married in New York and living in a shue box apart together. Will be romantic.
Finn: Do you love me?
Rachel: Of course I do!
Finn: So tell me the truth, not something that you think I wanna hear. You wanna hundred percent that you wanna marry me?
Rachel: No one is hundred percent sure of anything.
Finn: I am. I'm sure that are something especial. That this is just the beggining for you. You gonna do amazing things. But to get there you got for this experience to your own.
Rachel: Wait a minute.
Finn: Listening. You gotta to live this experience.
Rachel: Wait a minute.
Finn: I cannot be there.
Rachel: Wait a minute, are you breaking up with me?
Finn: I'm setting you free.
Rachel: Oh my god.
Finn: You know how hard this is for me? How many times I cried about this?
Rachel: No, I'm not going. I'm not going. Not without you.
Finn: You don't have choice. I can't go with you.
Rachel: So I’ll stay here. I’ll go to everywhere you going.
Finn: Fort Benning, in Georgia? I need a chance to redeem my father, ok? I...
Rachel: Oh my god. Oh my god. Wait a minute. You joined the army? Are you insane? I can't believe this is happening right now.
Finn: Is one of the places I know you couldn't follow me. Look, you... You need get on that train. Ok? And you gonna go to New York and you gonna be a star. Without me. That's how much I love you. You know what we gonna do? Surrender. I know how hard this is for you cause how hard you hold on the stuff. But we’ll sit here and we gonna let go. And let the universe doing this thing, and if will ment to be together, so we'll to be together. Whatever in a little single shue box apartment in New York, or on the other side of the world. Ok? Will you do with me? You'll surrender?
Rachel: I love you so much.
Finn: I love you.
(3X22 - Goodbye)

Rachel: This is where you proposed me. When you did you remind that here was our first date, also is where we first meet. Do you remember that?
Finn: yeah, you really freaked me out.
Rachel: This place is like our Jerusalem. All the roads seems just lead  back here. I went to your house. Into entire shop, but i should known that you'd be here.
Finn: I know this sounds like weird, but I felt like singing here. Seems like helped me out in the stuff before, so...
Rachel: Yeah, I would have come here first, if you had pick up the phone, or answered my texts. Instead, I had to get a plane and drive around town searching for you like idiot.
Finn: Sorry, I needed a time to think.
Rachel: You had four months! I hated you for what you do in that train station.
Finn: I just try to help you.
Rachel: I hated you! Mas when I got to New York I think how much you love me, and how hard that was for you. And I thought this... This is how a men looks like. This how a men loves. But you... Not telling me where you were for four months and sneaking in the middle of the night without saying goodbye, that's isn't be a men, Finn.
Finn: I was trying to give your freedom.
Rachel: I don't need that you give me my freedom! I'm a grown woman! I don't need that you hide from me to keeping me doing the right for me!
Finn: Like that Brody guy?
Rachel: Has nothing to do with Brody, ok? Don't you think that I rather be with you?
Finn: Don't you said him was in Broadway? Right? Him have, like, thirty percent fat body? And who am I? I barely finished high school, and my life is absolutely no direction.
Rachel: Don't you get it? No matter how rich, or famous, or sucessfully I became when comes to you I always gonna be that silly girl that freaked you out in our first Glee's assay. You were the first boy who makes me feel loved, and sexy and visible. You were my first love and I want, more than anything, for you be my last. But I can't do this anymore. At least, not now. We're gone.
Finn: Uau, what I gonna do with my life? I don't got my girl, a job, or a place in this world.
Rachel: You have you. And this is better else in the world, as far as I'm concerned.
(4X4 – The Break-Up)

Finn: That's weird, traditionally only single ladies can catch the buquê. She loves me.
Rachel: I'm single.
Finn: You live with a guy. She loves me not.
Rachel: Have you been drinking?
Finn: You was the one that told me to stop to mocking around and being so sad sack. She loves me. And got me thinking about Will and Emma. About how relationships are like flowers. If you find a fine seed, put in a good soil, give water and sunlight... Bam, a perfect bud. She loves me not. And then comes winter and the flower dies. But if you take care that garden, spring come along and the flower will bloom again. She loves me.
Rachel: Are you telling me that you wanna to be a gardner?
Finn: I'm asking you how you can live with a guy, but still be single. She loves not.
Rachel: C'mon, it's New York! Did you never see Sex and The City? Brody and I had a very mature conversation, and we just decided that we won't, you know, put any labels or anything, or concern about who we are.
Finn: She loves me. So do you believe in all that stuff about no labels and mature conversations, Sex and the City? Really? She loves me not.
Rachel: Do you think I'm lying to you?
Finn: I think you lying to yourself. She loves me. And I think the real reason that you can't really commit with Brody is because you're in love with someone else. She loves me not.
Rachel: You?
Finn: You and I both know how this thing ends. I don't know how or when and I don't care where you're living or what dope you're shacked up with, you're my girlfriend. We are endgame. I know that and you know that.
(4X14 – I Do)


Sim, está tudo em inglês, porque não tive paciência para traduzir, HAHA. Acho que eu levaria bem mais tempo, eu apenas fiquei escutando as cenas e as transcrevendo no Word. Desculpe-me quaisquer erros, porque digamos que eu não seja fluente nem nada assim. 

Mas então, quais são as cenas favoritas Finchel de vocês?

Forever Our Faithfully, Nina. 

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  1. Fiquei lendo com a voz deles sweetie <3
    Ai, isso é a coisa mais terrível - acho - que já vivi até hoje. Simplesmente porquê é irreparável. E muito presente na minha vida.
    Minhas falas absolutamente deles é:

    " You need get on that train. Ok? And you gonna go to New York and you gonna be a star. Without me. That's how much I love you."

    E a última de todas: "You have yourself, and that is better than anything else in the world as far as I'm concerned." (você transcreveu a última palavrinha errado.

    Eu sempre choro quando vejo essas duas cenas, especialmente a última, já que essa me lembra todo o episódio trágico que foi 04x04.
    Você viu que eles já falaram mais ou menos como vai ser a quinta temporada? Os dois primeiros episódios vão ser tributo à Beatles, que já estava programado, e o terceiro tributo ao Cory.
    Ryan Murphy disse que praticamente a Lea está coordenando tudo, por que ele não quis fazer nada que ela achasse que não pudesse fazer, ou que fosse duro demais para ela, então ela escolheu como continuariam sem o Cory.
    Achei muito justo pois a história deles na vida real, era uma variável da história da ficção, então achei cabível que ela fosse responsável por isso.

    Apesar de tudo, meu coração ainda está partido. Ontem troquei a minha foto do perfil (você lembra que estava a foto dele?) e fiz isso com o coração na mão, mas vê-lo ali todos os dias estava me fazendo meio mal.

    Amo você!

  2. Ah que tristeza :(
    Eu não sou o que chamamos de fã da série, mas a minha irmã é. E eu via muito por causa dela... Só que a ficha ainda não caiu para mim. Não acho que conseguirei assistir novamente.


  3. Oiii Nina! (:
    Pensei que depois que passasse um tempo, eu conseguiria aceitar, acreditar, como dizem , achei que minha ficha iria cair ... mais ainda não acredito que o Cory, aquele Finn que víamos errar onde ficava o coração, que era o "lindo e burrinho, mas super talentoso" da escola ... e agora ele se foi...
    Antes eu já me emocionava demais com o cover "We've Got Tonight", mas agora quase choro toda vez que ouço...
    Não era uma Gleek, mas sempre adorei a série!
    Só espero que um dia os corações de todos que o amavam consigam se reconfortar <3

    Beijoocas flor, amei o post!


  4. Ah poxa, eu gostei da história, deve ser porque eu sou romântica demais, e vivo esperando poder viver uma história dessas sabe? Quanto a narração eu não posso dizer já que nunca li o tal livro, mas gostei do enredo, parece legalzinho!

    Tem texto novo lá no blog

    Um super beijo


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